Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Magnitude 6.0 Rocks Manila - US Geological Survey Website

I thought it was vertigo. I'm still dizzy as I write this.

My friend Noemi felt it too and everyone's talking about it.

Here's the latest --

Thank God for the USGS site.Earthquake Details
Magnitude 6.0
Date-Time Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 04:27:01 UTC
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 12:27:01 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 16.037°N, 119.906°E

Depth 62.5 km (38.8 miles) set by location program
Distances 45 km (30 miles) W of Dagupan, Luzon, Philippines
85 km (55 miles) WSW of Baguio, Luzon, Philippines
120 km (75 miles) NW of Angeles, Luzon, Philippines
195 km (120 miles) NW of MANILA, Philippines

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 9.2 km (5.7 miles); depth fixed by location program
Parameters Nst= 47, Nph= 47, Dmin=917.9 km, Rmss=1.16 sec, Gp= 61°,
M-type=moment magnitude (Mw), Version=7

Event ID us2007kfal

Source -- US Geological Survey Site

The quake's epicenter was 45km west of Dagupan City and 195km northwest of Metro Manila. No damage yet as of this writing.

UPDATES : The USGS site lists 6.0 here but PHILVOLCS says only 4.2 I'm more inclined to go with the 6.0 because half an hour later I can still feel the swaying in my head.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Things To Remember When Stopped By The MMDA In MANILA

Got this informative email from one of my TOWNS sisters. She suggests that we print and keep a copy handy in our cars...

I just reached my limit last weekend, and decided to take action against the abusive MMDA enforcers. I basically called up the MMDA head office and inquired from the Personnel Officer, Antonio Pagulayan, to clarify theirpolicies. Here is what I got.

If any of these abuses seem familiar to you, Mr. Pagulayan has asked thatb you call either the MMDA hotline (136) or call the METRO BASE at 09209389861 or 0920 9389875 and ask for an Inspectorate. They will send inspectors to the place where these MMDA officers are extorting, evenwhile you are arguing out of your apprehension.

1. MMDA officers are not allowed to group together in order to apprehend.

They are not even allowed to stand together in groups of 2 or more. The only time they are allowed to work together is for special operations (probably when they apprehend groups of buses for smoke belching)

2. Swerving IS NOT a traffic violation. Moving one lane to the left or right is not swerving, no matter where on the road you do it. And it is even less of a violation when you do it with a signal. Swerving is defined as shifting 2 or more lanes very quickly. So you can argue your way outof this, and call the Metro Base for help.

3. Sadly, using the yellow lane is a traffic violation and will get you a ticket. However, buses are really not allowed to go out of the yellowlane, so if you see selective apprehension of private cars only, you may complain.

4. MMDA has confirmed that your license MAY NOT BE CONFISCATED at a traffic apprehension. The only time they can do so is if you are part of an accident, or it is your third violation and you have not settled your fines yet. They are only allowed to give you a ticket, which you can contest. He recommends actually receiving the ticket in some instances, so that you can report the officer who did it.

Also, you are free to ask any of these officers for their "mission order", which is written by their supervisor. If they apprehend you for a violation that is not in their mission order for the day, you can reportthem and they will receive disciplinary action.

So go out and enjoy! And drive safely!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ignacio Exhibit Benefits The Enrique Zobel Foundation

My good friend the visual artist - architect Joven Ignacio opened his nth art exhibit last night at Le Souffle at the Rockwell Club for the benefit of the Enrique Zobel Foundation (EZF).

Joven has always had a generous heart, always quick to help various causes. In turn, God has blessed Him with a wonderful career, both as architect and visual artist. Dee Zobel, Enrique Zobel's widow, had stumbled upon his work early this year when he held an exhibit for the Philippine Science High School Foundation at the Powerplant. It was there that she first broached the possibility of his helping out EZF Foundation. Last night, was the result of that collaboration.

EZF provides infrastructure, by building schools, providing learning support, teacher training and health and nutrition to the underprivileged children in Calatagan, Batangas. The foundation provides support for the 22 public elementary schools there with a total enrollment of 7,285 students.

Last night, the foundations board of trustees, friends and patrons came out in full support of Joven's exhibit. As of this writing, eight of his 14 paintings have already been sold out. Quite a feat for an opening night! The exhibit will continue to run for two weeks at Le Souffle.

To view more pictures, click here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kartini Spa and Garden Oasis

It was that time of the year when I needed to get away briefly from the city.

Motoring down south, I grabbed the opportunity to visit my good friend Nina Malvar's newest baby, the Kartini Spa Asia at the Alabang Town Center (ATC). This is the second Kartini Spa location in the bustling south metropolis, built on the success of the first Kartini Spa in BF Homes Paranaque. A few months ago, Nina and I had just been throwing ideas to each other on how she would convert her garden/landcape company at the ATC into a spa oasis. I was very much surprised and pleased with what she had created in such a short span of time!

Tucked amidst the sprawling KARTINI landscaped gardens, thriving greenery, vibrant flora and cascading waterfalls, Kartini Spa invites one to discover a pathway to inner peace and reflection. As you step into the gardens of KARTINI at ATC, you are surrounded by the exotic and poetic beauty of nature. From the serene natural backdrop to the elegant and exotic mood of the spa lobby and interiors and the skill of its therapists, the spa holds true to its promise of uplifting the spirit and awakening the senses.

The ambience is upmarket and classy, yet the costs of the treatments are very affordable. The treatment menu lists a range of massage therapies and foot pampering rituals which make use of indigenous ingredients as well as the finest essential oils.

The Kartini signature massage uses a combination of Balinese gentle long strokes and the invigorating strokes typical of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage to relax tensed muscles and to attain inner glow and harmony. The treatment for 45 minutes costs Pesos 495.

The Philippine ‘Hilot’, the most famous in traditional Filipino healing, works on muscles and nerve pathways to encourage blood circulation and to aid in the removal of toxins. The 60 minute treatment costs Pesos 595.

The Foot Reflexology treatment for 45 minutes costs Pesos 495. The foot massage
techniques are designed to restore the natural energy flow around the body using finger-point pressure on the reflex zones on the soles of the feet, thereby emitting powerful energies that promote a cleansing and healing effect.
The Foot Spa Bliss for 30 minutes costing Pesos 295 consists of a foot scrub and a relaxing foot massage which detoxify the system and loosen the muscles resulting in a sense of deep relaxation.

I tried out their version of the Hilot and must say that it is one of the best ones I have experienced so far. Plus, the prices are really affordable! It's just too bad that this spa is too far away from my Quezon City home. The people from the south are so blessed to have this new spa to hie to whenever they feel like having a good rubdown amidst a beautiful garden.

KARTINI's therapists are all trained, graduates of a TESDA training program in San Pedro Laguna that was initiated by its Mayor Calixto R. Cataquiz. This is part of Nina's CSR for her business. She helps by providing practicum and employment to the new graduates. After the therapists graduate from TESDA, they do internship at KARTINI, and if they are good enough, they get hired.

Kartini Spa is ideal for people who like nature to be close at hand or for those who just need to slow down and are looking for a quiet and peaceful natural spa experience. The venue is also well suited for couples, group of friends and families who desire some hours of pampering and for corporate groups who need a much deserved break and wanting to build team spirit through bonding and relaxation.

And after a fanstatic treatment, all you want to do is just laze about Kartini's beautiful gardens, taking in the view while sipping your tea. Tranquil moments abound here in this oasis close to the city.

Curious about KARTINI? Call 8074356, 8077579 or 09178161368 for reservations or log into their website at www.kartinispa.com