Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life After Milenyo

Wishing, Hoping, Waiting...
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Life goes on after the storm.

Three days now without electricity. Argh, This is becoming a true test in Christian patience.

Last night we slept at showbiz mom's home because at least doon may generator kami. Thank God for that. It's always nice to come home and be with family especially during extraordinary situations such as these. I get to sleep really late, waiting up for Pinoy Dream Academy and at the same time catching up on showbiz goings on with mother. Dami ko na palang na-miss.

I'm tapping away at the internet cafe close to our home. Blogging has always helped preserve my sanity. I've only got three days of leave left so Lord, I hope the lights get back tomorrow so that life can really return to normal and I can complete all the tasks I need ro get out of the way before returning to work. Buti na lang magaling na ako mag paradigm shift. The best way you can survive these kinds of situations is if you know how to adapt to the circumstances instanty. One always needs to have a Plan B so that you don't stress yourself out when Plan A doesn't quite pan out. No use being bull-headed and insisting on protocol. Duh. Mag-adjust tayong lahat.

The clean-up in Metro Manila continues perhaps until the next three days or so. Gosh the devastation throughout the countryside is terrible - especially in the Laguna, Batangas, Quezon and Bicol region. Kawawa na naman tayo. I went to the mall today to cool off together with L and his yaya. On the way home, I was just so struck by the number of trees that were uprooted on White Plains avenue. Parang bumaligtad ang malalaking puno ng mangga! I understand some parts of the city still look like war zones. And as of today, the death count has already reached a hundred people.

Meteorologists are puzzled by the way that typhoon Milenyo behaved. Very uncharacteristic daw. And this coming from the people that run the weather bureau. Milenyo, they say, from all previous models and studies, should have weakened they said, once it hit land, and broke, when it hit the Sierra Madre mountain range. But what happenned? Para daw may tumulak sa bagyo -- papuntang Metro Manila. I can't explain it any other way except to believe that it was the hand of God. How else? He who controls our every breath, controls the motion of the wind and the waves as well. That's just how sovereign our Lord is. Yes, He allows both the good and the bad to come into all our lives for a purpose. Walang aksi-aksidente. He is in control of every situation 24/7.

Lord, please, let there be light na in all of Metro Manila tomorrow...

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