Monday, August 06, 2007

Total Wellness at Planet Infinity

I've dropped a dress size in six weeks thanks to this gym and to my trainer who pushes me. Okay, never mind what size it is for now, the important thing is that ever since I started working out at this place I have becomer a fitter momma.

Never mind that I have to travel an average of 20-30 minutes depending on traffic to get to Planet Infinity. The travel time affords me the luxury of catching up on my reading or in spending quiet time with the Lord. A visit to Planet is always worth the time spent going there. Though not very big as compared to the gym-chain near my house, there is a nice sense of community at this average-size but friendly gym. In addition, they have an excellent pool of personal trainers who bot push and motivate you to do your best. However, state-of-the-art facilities, a 24-hour gym and quality instruction are mere basics here. If you want to learn about wellness, go to Planet Infinity – the place where being well is a lifestyle.

I started working out here in late June. I was introduced to this place by good friend Mitzi, whose brother Ace, is the personal trainer of my gym inspiration, you know-who. It was love at first sight when I stepped into the confines of Planet Infinity. And not because of "the inspiration" - but admittedly is a plus factor :)The waiting area alone is already relaxing and welcoming. Mitzi and I had a healthy lunch at the Energy Lounge. Energy Wellness International, the company that runs the center, believes that respites are essential in leading an energized life. We set out to provide a place within the fitness facility where customers can refresh themselves in style not only as a reward but also as an important and much needed ingredient in a person’s total wellness. Relaxation enhances creativity.
Rest increases productivity.

The Energy Lounge exists in a symbiotic relationship with Planet Infinity. Planet Infinity deals with exercise or the ACTIVE phase of fitness, while the Energy Lounge deals with the RECOVERY phase. The BALANCE between the two is essential in maintaining the body’s ENERGY LEVELS and in achieving WELLNESS.

The 5 components of the Energy Lounge are:
1. Food Bar
2. Health Store
3. Lifestyle Shop
4. Sensasia
5. Wellness Nook/Library

Planet Infinity is where I spend most of my mornings now. Since last June, I've committed to taking better care of my health by promising that I would become more fit this year. And so far,thank God, it's working. I don't tire as easily and my stamina is way higher than it was three months ago. By skin is so much better, my clothes have become loser and over-all there is a general lightness about me. It helps that there is a place where I can take my meals and have some me time after my work-out. So after spending two hours in the gym, doing cardio and strengthtraining exercises with my trainer Zhi, I change and move to the Energy Lounge where the meals are not only terribly healthy (they have the actual caloric count for every item on the menu!) but delicious and affordable as well. The whole place is wi-fi too so I can actually work here if I want to. It's a good place where you can write and focus on your work.

Though I'm still many pounds away from my desired ideal weight I am glad that I've finally made the decision to get fit and have a found a place with a total approach to mind-body wellness that will help me achieve my goal. I'm giving myself until October to drop the unwanted pounds and inches as a birthday gift to myself. There, it's cast in stone, in black and white...

Maybe then I'll post a picture of my before and after self :) We'll see. One thing I';ve learned though is that you have to find the right motivation to push yourself. In my case, it was really a matter of improving my health and general well-being especially now that I am at midlife and where at peri-menopause your body starts to feel all these aches and pains and your hormones drive you crazy on certain weeks of the month. Since I started working out, my hot flashes (yes, you read that right, at 42) have all but dissipated, my vertigo episodes are gone and I'm no longer breathless after climbing several flights of stairs. I also feel that i am able to manage my stress much better.

Planet Infinity is located at the Crossroads Building on Mother Ignacia street in Quezon City. It is also the building that houses the Bread of Life Church and a host of other small cafes such as Tea Spa, Soul Shop, Soularium and The Garden Shelter plus a library where you can while the time away. Nothing intimidating or loud in this place folks, - just a plain, simple, effective, all-natural and healthy way to achieving total wellness.

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