Friday, November 03, 2006

~Maging Sino Ka Man~ Episode 19 [1/3]

Amazing. "Maging Sino Ka Man" - my favorite soap ranks number 18 today in "the most linked video" on YouTube! Ibang klase talaga ang Pinoy.

Seriously though, it's a well-made soap and the story keeps me glued to the TV every night at 9PM. View this video above to see why...

Growing up on the set of showbiz mom's "Gulong Ng Palad" - the original - back in the late 70s was a memorable part of my showbiz childhood. It's been a long while since a soap opera has caught my interest this much. "Bituin...." was okay but I am not really a great fan of Sarah Geronimo. Besides, once you've seen the original with Sharon and company, all else is, pardon the pun, a copycat :)

John Lloyd Cruz is a sensitive actor (just look at those eyes emote!) and even showbiz mom says that he really has great potential. Sam Milby of course is the big discovery of the year and Anne Curtis and Bea Alonzo have their own loyal following. It seems like ABS-CBN has a winning soap in it's hands. Followed by the top hit reality-tv show "Pinoy Dream Academy" it's no wonder that they have been able to re-claim the number one slot again. Philippine television (at least after 9PM) has gotten interesting again. I hope this is one soap that they don't kill right away or one whose storyline becomes corny after a while. When the yayas, the daughter and the mother are glued to the television set for a teleserye, you can bet it's one show that will really climb the ratings chart.

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