Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tagaytay Revisited

IMG_3672 Tagaytay is one of the few places one can run off to for the day. When you live in Manila, this serene city by the lake isn't too far away. I like going to Tagaytay whether by myself - to indulge in a quiet meal by the lake and meditate with the Good Shepherd nuns or on a day trip with the family. One Saturday, that's exactly what we did...

Leaving the house around 10AM, we motored off to Tagaytay for a late lunch at Midlands. The view from many points in this city is really quite breathtaking. Taking in the scenery and savoring the fresh air is enough to allow one's stress level drop several significant notches. Family We feasted on fish such as Tawilis and Maliputo - delights that are best taken in this part of Luzon. After a hearty lunch, we went to visit the Ilog Maria Bee Farm over at Silang, Cavite to get some honey bee treats.

Honey treats
Look at these prices!

ilog maria
Little shop on the hill...

I personally swear by their lip balm (the best balm with a wonderful peppermint scent and taste that really pampers and protects your lips), their throat spray (best for those who frequently have sore throats), the anti-itch balm forall sorts of allergies and insect bites and of course, to my mind and taste, the best virgin honey in the whole world. On this trip I discovered their essential oils. I was a bit skeptic at first due to the very simple packaging (never judge an essential oil by the way it's packaging looks...) but when I tried it at home, I was pleasantly delilghted by the quality of the oils! Step aside Sue Bee and Burt's Bee's! For a fraction of the cost, you can get world class products for your health and skin here at Ilog Maria.

Our last stop for the day was the Cornerstone Ceramics factory where they make beautiful but affordable pottery pieces, magical chimes and beautiful aromatherapy burners. I had met the owners, EJ and Eve Espiritu a few years ago when we did a feature on them for "Me", the inspirational women's magazine that I used to edit.

Cornerstone creations

I had searched for them on a previous visit to Tagaytay but could no longer find them. It turns out, they had moved from their Tagaytay office to a quaint location over at Silang, a few meters away from Ilog Maria where they now have their shop and factory in one place. Eve was kind enough to tour us through their small factory and EJ did a pottery demo for the kids. Cornerstone offers free mudpie parties for groups of twenty so long as you give advance notice. Hop over to their website and see what lovely pieces they create.

Tagaytay has something for everyone. It all depends on what adventure you seek for the day.

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