Friday, July 27, 2007

Not Plastic Project - Bags To Save The Planet

Authenticity is my favorite word. Especially now that I am right smack in midlife.

Thus, this new "adventure" I have entered into, comes at a perfect time in my life. Special thanks to my good friend Mitzi who was instrumental in getting me together with my very pretty, young, stylish and creative partners. Isn't that what the midlife journey is about? The ability to go with God's flow, to re-invent the wheel and pursue new advocacies at 42! SO, joining hands with my very creative, and young partners, Jessica Duque Cabuay and Carisse Escueta, we put up Edgy Ecology, Inc. Our business philosophy is to succeed in persuading the Filipino, and eventually, international, consumer to make a shift in their practices, by slowly replacing all the potentially damaging elements in their daily lives with more earth-friendly ones, beginning with the NotPlastic bags.

The Not Plastic Project resusable bags, is our maiden venture. The bags as you can see from the photo is a 12" x 16" x 5" cotton muslin carryall with an inside pocket and the catchy statement, "I Am Not Plastic" printed on one side, and Not Plastic logo on the other. Our initial step is to get Filipino shoppers into the habit of refusing plastic bags when they shop. Our next step is to create even more bags which will have more of a statement and function beyond what can be seen. The bags are carefully crafted by women from marginalized communities. Thus, by purchasing the bag, you do your part in helping save the planet and at the same time, help empower women from urban poor communities.

The bags are practical and sylish especially if you count caring for mother earth part of your personal style. Remember that plastic is not biodegradable. They break down into smaller pieces that are eaten by animals, and fish and eventually, us. Globally, about a million plastic bags are used each day. Now, that's a LOT of plastic.

Last night, we had a launch at the Archaeology wing of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. It is a venue where creativity and individualism are highlighted, for both designers, store owners and the people who love to shop there. It was interesting for me to be in the midst of all these bright, young and creative people. It is also
heartwarming to see all our endorsers give so unselfishly of themselves. The likes of Angel Aquino, Angel Jacob, Agot Isidro, Amina Aranaz, Rivermaya, Rafael Rosell, Anthony Pangilinan, Juddah Paolo, Raymund Isaac and Tin Bersola, to mention a few, willingly gave their precious time to attend our shoot. Food catered by Jill Ignacio Busuego's "Delicioso" and pastries from Mary Grace kept our tummies filled as we listened to the intense Brazilian sounds of Brigada.

The Not Plastic reusable carryalls are available at the Archaeology wing of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell - Irene's Closet, Luca, Aranaz, Ruth and Esther, Ilaya and Marnie's Room are some of the select stores that carry our bags. The bags may also be personalized with a specialized logo integrated into the bag design that reads, for example, " Pinoy Bloggers (or whatever the name of your company of organization may be) are not plastic" for schools, groups or organizations for bulk orders of at least 100 bags. For inquiries and orders, you may email me at

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