Friday, July 13, 2007

Shooting Piolo for Star Studio August 2007

Okay. So I didn't have to lose ten pounds first to get a newer photo taken with him :) Early this week, a dream assignment came my way -- interview Piolo Pascual and Kristine Hermosa for Star Studio Magazine. I normally don't take on showbiz assignments anymore even if I come from showbiz lineage. But hey... sino ba naman ang hihindi kay Piolo Pascual?! Besides, P would kill me if I passed up the chance.

So there we were one afternoon at my friend Raymund Isaac's studio, rubbing shoulders with the best looking people in showbusiness. I did an interesting interview with the P and he talked a lot about his inner life. I won;t share what was said because then you won't buy the August issue of Star Studio Magazine. Suffice it to say na lalo lang siyang gumuapo sa paningin ko. P was in awe the whole time as she was taking pictures at the shoot and almost fell off her seat when he sat down beside her and made small talk.

Piolo is such an unassuming man with no star complex whatsoever. A few days later I bumped into him at the gym and he stopped to chat. Napabilis tuloy and takbo ko sa glidex machine! LOL. In fact, when he saw me at the shoot he called out right away "Gym mate!" Oh my.

Kristine Hermosa on the other hand is even more beautiful in person than she is in photos. This girl, now 23, has become more fun and laid-back (could it be the Diether-factor?) and loves to have music playing all the time. Gym mates din kami. I guess you can tell by now that there is so much inspiration that abounds in my gym.

The shoot was a coup of sorts - imagine Juan Sarte, Chechel Joson and Raymund Isaac to style you and shoot you. Casting coup talaga! Congratulations to Star Studio for pulling it off! And thanks to my good friend Gay Domingo for giving me this assignment. Sa susunod Juday-Ryan naman. Gosh, my showbiz genes are showing. I love this job :) and my daughter does too.

Do you wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to your feature on Piolo Pascual... thanks! Will it be on the August Star Studio Magazine for the US or Philippine edition?