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Philippine Elections 2007 Senate Topnotchers in QC


So the counting has begun.

My husband H and I did the rounds of the various precincts close to where we live just to see how the counting was going on and ok, to validate how many of our own bets were assured of slots. As of midnite we each have 9 bets sure to win :) That's a pretty good batting average if I may say so. I went for 8 from GO, 2 Independents and 2 from Team Unity. I got five out of six bets in the running tally of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Let me share with you how the voting at the four precincts went. We went to visit the White Plains barangay hall at around 8:30PM and the topnotchers there as of 8:30 P.M. May 14 were -- Arroyo, Aquino, Escudero, Pangilinan and Villar. It wasn't surprising to see Noynoy place number two in the tally because his uncle Paul lives there and I'm sure he really campaigned for his nephew. It was saddening though to see Tito Sotto perform in such a lackluster way in his own bailiwick. The Sotto's have called White Plains home for the last 30 years or so. It's a good thing his daughter Lala was faring well in her bid as Councilor.

At around 9:00 P.M. we were at the Blue Ridge B barangay hall where the counting was almost completed - there are only 6 precincts in this small village.

Teachers begin the count at Blue Ridge

Over here, quite similar to the WP voters, sentiments were almost identical and the top winners were Escudero, Aquino, Pangilinan, Arroyo and Villar
How many votes for my senator? Let me count the ways...

From Blue Ridge, we hopped over to Libis Elementary school to get a feel of how the D and E market voted. H and I thought we would see a totally different set of names but apparently, irregardless of social class, some candidates remained steady and consistent with the addition of a few names - Escudero was still number one, followed by Lacson and Legarda, Cayetano, Aquino and Honasan.

libis1Libis Elem Teachers Counting Votes

It is also interesting to note that in all the three precincts we had visited thus far, the mayoralty race in Quezon City was an absolute no-brainer - even at this point in the game, it is very much safe to say that Sonny Belmonte and Herbert Bautista are still the run-away winners. To no surpise. Belmonte's presence was evident in all the precincts we went - the ubiquitous yellow shuttle bearing his name, and take a look at this school building he put up for Libis Elementary which was the third polling area we went to this evening...

The school that SB built

Our public teachers are also such a dedicated lot, weary from all the counting, they still managed to smile and plod on with such determination and dedication.

Masusing nagbibilang ang guro ng balota

Guarding the ballot box over dinner

And thank God that it was peaceful at least in this part of Quezon City. Although over at Miriam College Grade School which was the last polling center we visited there were some complaints aired to us by Jake Tolosa of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) regarding disenfranchised votes.

IMG_9159 (1)
Counting votes at Miriam College

The Miriam voting center has 47 precincts and a population of 6400 voters coming from the Loyola Heights area. Tolosa said that earlier in the day there were so many missing names, family members were separated into various prencincts instead of one, the COMELEC according to him, was not able to come up with a comprehensive and proper list of voters. Even the president of Ateneo De Manila University could not find his name on the voters list!

Sister casts her vote

The presence of the PPCRV was very visible over this voting center - volunteers, posters, watchers were all over the place - guarding the sanctity of the ballot.
Guard that vote!

And even if it was 11PM the whole community seemed to be out in full force - young and old alike - painstakingly counting each vote and making sure that no cheating would take place.

Counting the votes under a flashlight

Residents and volunteers tally the results

The topnotchers at this large polling center, as of 11PM were - Escudero, Aquino, Villar, Pangilinan and Arroyo. So far, and based on the Inquirer's latest tally, these five candidates seem to be taking the clear lead, at least in Metro Manila. Of course those numbers can easily chabge once we get the rest of Luzon, change even further when the votes from the Visayas region are in, and heaven forbid, come up with a totally different set of names when the Mindanao votes are counted! Wala naman na sanang dayaan!

Over-all, at least in our small part of the Philippines, people seem to have voted wisely and really given though to picking their candidates this time around. My fearless forecast (basta walang daya!) is that the top five slots will all go to Team Unity and in the final count it will be seven for GO, three for Team Unity and two independents. Of course I could be wrong, kaya nga fearless forecast, it's still anybody's game but barring any "Hello Garci's" this time around, the voting trend should show the current government that the people have wisened up and are tired of empty promises. This election poster prepared by a Christian Businessmen's group and the PPCRV says it all --


Here's praying for truth and honesty to prevail in the coming days!

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