Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bolinao - Gateway to the Sun

bolinao lighthouse2Before the frenzy of election week broke out, our family decided to embark on a little adventure in search of quality, family time. We found ourselves driving (more like H driving all the waaaaaay) for six hours to a quiet part of Pangasinan - rich in heritage, pastoral scenes and the simple, unadulterated joys of being with loved ones (intermittent celphone signals, no computers, newspapers, only four TV channels...) and chatting the night away.

We holed ourselves up at a quaint and charming resort by the sea called Puerto Del Sol and for four days did nothing but swim, sleep, eat, go around the countryside and trade stories. We consistently watched the AXN hit tv series "Worlds Apart" and could not help note the parallelisms. Over-all, we had a really had a fantastic time and the children were introduced to a pastoral kind of life. If the drive weren't so long, I would return, in the blink of an eye. Oh the joys of being with family by the sea. Here are some pictures from that family adventure...

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