Friday, May 18, 2007

Great Cheesecake at Chelsea

Chelsea Interiors

On Mother's Day last Sunday, after a sumptuous lunch at Portico's in Serendra, we decided to try out a new dessert place that my friend R had suggested to me the day before.

We simply crossed over from Portico's to Chelsea, one of the newest and hippest dining places in Serendra. I especially love Serendra because of all the great dining places one can find here. Though it wreaks havoc on my waistline :<>

Cookie Dough Cheesecake

H and I decided we would have a Cookie Dough Cheesecake to share while L said he wanted to try out the Chocnut Tiramisu. L is the family tiramisu gourmet so he always like to check out this dessert whenever he gets the opportunity. We ordered a couple of tall cool drinks to go with our already sweet selections. I opted for my usual pot of Peppermint tea.

Hands down I can tell you that both selections were to die for! The Cookie Dough Cheesecake reminded me of the huge and sinful selections at California Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles. This local version is tops in my book! Soft, moist with a melts in your mouth goodness with just the right touch of sweetness.

Chocnut Tiramisu

L, who was busy drawing and mulling over the interiors was quite happy with his Chocnut Tiramisu. For peanut lovers, this Tiramisu has generous bits of chonut sprinkled over heaping layers of cream and a graham cracker-based filling. The kids really enjoyed it though it was a bit too sweet for me.

Chelsea has beautiful interiors and comfortable seating with natural light streaming into the restaurant from huge glass windows that give you a fulll view of what's going on outside. It sort of reminded me of a restaurant I visited as a young bride while honeymooning in London. But Chelsea is not just about desserts but about great food as well! I am eager to go back one of these days to try out their sandwiches and pastas and other entree's. They also have a nice selection of foodies, condiments and spices that you can't find in other places.

Chelsea's goodies

Expect to spend around 1200 to 1500 pesos for two persons if you opt to go for meals and desserts. If you're just there for desserts, which two people can actually share, and coffee or tea, expect to shell out from 500 to 700 for two people.

View the rest of my Chelsea photos here


Senor Enrique said...

I love cheesecake!

There was a time when I had to taste the cheesecake at every restaurant I went to in Manhattan, but one of the best in NYC is at Junior's Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Riz said...

What about Cupcakes by Sonya? Have you tried it? I think the place looks cozy, and the cupcakes--ahhh, heavenly (and cute too) hehe. :) Is Serendra the same as Bonifacio High Street? :P

Hi po. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Been discovering a lot of blogger moms lately. I think it's cool! :) (I can imagine myself growing old, and turning 40+ hehe, and still keeping my blog. Hopefully, by then, I get a PR7 already haha.) Keep it up po. Be dropping by more. :)

jencc said...

oooh, that looks baaad! :) we tried miss desserts at serendra and their cheesecake was the best we've tried so far! (

will keep chelsea in mind when we're at serendra again!


==================== (celebrating motherhood!)

CathyB said...

Hi Jen, yes, Ms. Desserts is great but this one takes the cake :)