Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First-Rate Entertainment At The Ateneo De Manila 2007 Homecoming

It's been a quite a week with a flurry of events swirling all about town.

The partying hasn't stopped since Friday evening when we attended a fabulous dinner party at a family friend's house where in addition to a sumptuous dinner, we were serenaded no less by the U.P. Chorale and the dynamic and super talented husband and wife team of Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena. It was truly a night to remember - great food, the presence of old friends, fun conversation and world-class entertainment.

Saturday afternoon we had a special merienda for one of Griefshare family members and it was pretty poignant yet light-hearted as this young man in our group who had lost both his parents in a span of six months last year, talked about his memories of mom. God always brings people together to fulfill his purpose and the afternoon we shared was a clear example of that.

In the evening, I found myself at the Ateneo De Manila High School Covered Courts to join in the celebration of the Ateneo De Manila H.S. class of 1982 as they celebrated their silver jubilee. These were the same boys I grew up with who studied across the creek from my girl's school in Katipunan. Some of them became classmates as well in college at the Ateneo. It was great fun seeing them and reminiscing about our old times. I had front row seats courtesy of good friend Mikey B whose class, 4-G '82 was one of the homecoming's major sponsors. A stone's throw away from me were the boys of 4-B '82, some of whom I got to know pretty well during college and beyond. This batch is apparently the largest ever homecoming group with all 160 plus members from a class of about 300 in attendance. And with entertainers from the different generations such as the original Spirit of '67, Marc Abaya (HS'97), Jose Mari Chan (HS '57) plus a host of other bands who came much later it was really pretty impressive! I heard that the party lasted until 2AM the next day.

The damper on the evening was when my celphone was stolen. Yes, unfortunately, it happened within the confines of the homecoming, just as I was busy taking photos of the grand finale. Nakakainis nga, major. Nevertheless, it was still one pretty memorable night. Congratulations on a job well done boys! See you at your 30th!

More homecoming pictures here in my Multiply account.

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