Friday, December 14, 2007

A Night With The Spice Girls Plus David and Tom

Okay, I'm not too crazy about the Spice Girls but when I saw them, I still got starstruck.

My anak-anakan Dagth Perez had the rare opportunity to see them in the flesh at their one-night only show in Los Angeles last week. Dagth who takes awesome photographs was blessed enough to bring "Turtles" (her beloved camera) into the jampacked Staples Center. The results are the photos you see on this page.

To boot, she got a close-hand look at Tom Cruise with Suri and Katie - best friends of the Beckhams. And, the David Beckham himself buying cotton candy and popcorn for his kids. At the end of the day, these celebrities are just like ordinary people too -- except that there are millions of dollars in assets between them and us.

Dagth says the show was really awesome and Victoria, the woman who bought a $50,000.00 pllayhouse for her sons (walang magawa sa pera) was the "fakest" but neverthless, she was the star of the night. Prettiest was a tie between Emma and Mel C; Jerri was the hottest and Mel B was the "scariest" whatever Dagth meant by that.

You are one blessed girl Dagth! Thanks for sharing your photos with the rest of the world. Sana susunod si Mc Dreamy na ang makita mo ng up close and personal.

Enjoy the photos below...
Tom Cruise was the evening's opening act

Followed by papa David Beckham

If you wanna be my lavah...

because friendship never ends...

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