Saturday, December 01, 2007

Piolo's Araneta Coliseum Show

Darn. I missed this one and I regret it.

For weeks I had been planning on catching his big show at the Araneta Coliseum but kept putting it off. I hope they do a repeat because judging from these photos which I borrowed from my friend Girlie Rodis, the show was a blast! And of course Piolo was looking so FAB :)

The man is so disciplined so it's no wonder he looks that way. Thanks to his trainer Ace Duque whom papa P acknowledged in a Star Studio interview earlier this year, as the one who helps discipline and shape his bod. I see him at the gym, remember? And I can attest to this. Can't wait to watch "Lobo" his latest Star Cinema movie with Angel Locsin. But just like Girlie, I wonder what their chemistry will be like. I loved him with Claudine in "Milan". And Claudine is a way much better actress than Angel. Then again, if you use the San Mig coffee commercial where both of them look so, ok, hot - there might be the possibility of great chemistry there. Abangan na lang natin.

Hay. Sayang talaga. Gotta get back to the gym soon to get my Piolo fix. Hahaha. Congratulations on the success of your concert PJ! The heck with what Lolit saw or didn't see. According to Girlie, the shrieks all around Araneta that night proved that the women really didn't care whether P is or isn't. Eh ano ba? Guapo pa rin.

More Piolo pictures here in Girlie's site

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