Saturday, May 24, 2008

Robert Redford To Tie The Knot With Long-time Girlfriend

All good things come to those who wait..

And love is possible at any age. After dating for a decade, Robert Redford is finally engaged to long-time girlfriend, visual German-born artist, Sonia Szaggars. The two artists share a love for the environment. Shared passions, always help cement relationships. In recent history, think, Brangelina.

Szaggars is a highly-talented artist whose works center on nature and the environment. Her website says -- "Eventually her travels would bring her to the USA in the late 80's. Her continued interest in old cultures and traditions would lead her to the mysteries of Native American culture. She found especial power and magnificence in the arid mesas of Arizona and the Hopi traditions. In residence on the mesas for some time, she learned about the Native Americans' spiritual connections to life, the land and the world, and was deeply touched by it. The result of this experience was a large series of paintings which were marked with a spiritual resonance.

Szaggars moved to Utah full time in the early 90's where she set up her painting studio in the mountain village of Sundance." Redford and Szaggars began dating in 1995. It's probably a case of one artist being drawn to another one's art.

Redford, now 71, continues to cut a respectable and dashing figure. I remember being nine years old and watching him and Paul Newman in "The Sting" and I was eternally hooked. When I think of that now, I realize he's just about as old as my father! Which only proves to me once more that I've had this long-standing attraction for older men. Hahaha.

Redford divorced his wife Lola van Wagenen in the mid-1980s and was previously linked to actress Sonia Braga.

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